How to make a web page fit the browser window

At these times your visitors have all kinds of different screen resolutions and also resize their browser window. Resolutions vary between 1280×1024, 1680×1050, 1920×1200, 2560×1440 and all make a huge difference. And then there’s the difference between people who have their browser window maximized, while others resize it so they can fit other windows on the screen as well. There’s a relatively easy way to make it fit the window properly.

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Deploying DKIM on Debian and Ubuntu

This guide will demonstrate how to deploy DKIM on Debian-based Linux distributions. Other distributions work similar, except some do not use the scripts in init.d. The configuration of DKIM will be the same. I will discuss HOW to deploy it, not WHY to deploy it as I assume you’ve already decided to do so.
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Delegating Reverse Lookup Zones for big subnets

Imagine that your company’s network owns the IPv4 range – The Reverse Lookup zone would be, covering this entire network. Your primary nameserver is Your zone would look something like this: (

@          IN          NS 
1          IN          PTR

But now you want to delegate the range – to the nameserver Since it also resides in the same reverse zone, you cannot delegate this entire zone, as this would just move your entire network to the control of coyote.acme com, something you might not want to achieve with delegation.

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