Afraid of the NSA breaching your privacy? It gets worse.

Edward Snowden’s reveal of NSA’s covert online operations changed the way we think about our privacy. They basically have the ability (and the right) to obtain information about people by any means necessary. Searching through people’s data without a warrant is unconstitutional, yet their excuse is protecting homeland security.  A recent discovery published by The Guardian has even revealed something shocking, the NSA can decrypt almost any ecryption algorithm on the Internet using super computers. But should we be concerned about this? The answer is both yes and no. Our privacy and rights are at stake, but there’s even something more worrying.

Our privacy and freedom has been at stake for a long time. Since the creation of the Patriot Act after the 9/11 attacks it became an even bigger issue. The US legal system went from ‘guilty unless proven otherwise’ to ‘suicide bomber unless proven otherwise’. Basically, if the government thinks that you are a terrorist, you don’t have any constitutional rights. This is not something that started during the Obama period, but even during the Bush administration. Their approach of securing the nation is simply by taking away the freedom of its citizens.

But it’s not the NSA’s fault. They simply follow orders. It’s the entire US government acting to be the world police. As an excuse they claim to also protect their allies from potential terrorists. But in fact they don’t care, because the US has this vision of the world that all other countries are small nations housing peasants. No threat to them at all. Admit it, the US war machine is the most powerful one in the world. They can invade any country of choice and overthrow their governments. So you should be their ally, or else….

If you look at it, going into war with the US would be impossible. They can intercept all online communications, even while encrypted. They can sabotage enemy navigations, since GPS is owned and operated by the US Defense. It also won’t be possible to fire any missiles, since they have missile shields everywhere. I can definitely imagine why Russia did not agree with the installation of a missile shield in Poland. Besides, they can get their hands on the world’s oil supply since they can simply invade those countries. Basically they can invade any country in the Middle East and have the excuse that the country is housing terrorists. They can’t provide evidence though, that’s classified. Have the world’s oil supply, and you can prevent it from being shipped to a specific country, thus damaging their economy.

I agree that a country should take necessary precautions to protect itself, but this is simply a step too far. It has the characteristics of fascism and world dominance, they just don’t want to admit it. The US simply covers its tracks by pretending to be the good nation fighting for the good of men. So they’re going to attack Syria, because they have used chemical weapons on civilians. This is quite ironic, since the US military has used chemical weapons on unarmed citizens during the Vietnam war. And let’s not forget the nuclear bombs that have been dropped on Japanese soil during WW2 (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) by the US Air Force. The government doesn’t care, they call it ‘collateral damage’.

Do keep in mind that I’m not criticizing the people in the military who are genuinely fighting for their country, they are simply being fooled by their government. They are fighting for their country, putting their lives at stake, while the government doesn’t care about them, they just want to get the job done. They don’t even care about wounded veterans. If you’re disabled for life, don’t expect any help from your government. The wealthiest nation in the world doesn’t care about its citizens nor the people who fight for them.

What worries me more is the international reach of the US, combining NSA and CIA together. Basically if the US government thinks that somebody is a terrorist in any country and might be a threat to the US, they can use the CIA to kidnap the individual in their own country and send them to Guantanamo Bay. It’s the infamous prison where potential terrorists are being held. It’s not on American soil, so the constitutional rights don’t apply there. There also won’t be a trial, so I won’t be surprised if that prison is filled with innocent people. Obama promised to close it during his first elections. It’s still open, not because it’s difficult to close, but because it’s convenient to his administration.

I can already predict the future. US citizens will be injected with RFID tags which holds their identity information. It can also hold a GPS module, so that citizens can be tracked. Their online information (interests, friends, relatives, favorite places to go) and their locations are being tracked. If your life pattern deviates from the ‘average’ citizen, you might get an inspection at your doorstep or even be arrested for further investigation. I mean, the nation’s safety is important right?

What really worries me is the US taking advantage of their power, they will soon have full control over everything. They will rule the planet, and every citizen on earth has to obey. Resistance would be impossible, because they know everything. The land of the free, the land of opportunity which has been built with much dedication by the Founding Fathers is turning into a Communist nation, which is similar to the Soviet Union and China. In the meanwhile, enjoy your life as much as you can. You’re still a free person for the time being.

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