The AMD FirePro D series in the 2013 Mac Pro. What is it exactly?

Please note that this procedure does not work with the AMD Catalyst 15.x drivers. You can find an updated guide here: Installing AMD Radeon drivers on a 2013 Mac Pro (updated for version 15.x)

Apple has fitted the 2013 Mac Pro with AMD Firepro graphics. You can choose between the FirePro D300, D500 and D700 in a dual-configuration. After searching around on the AMD website, I couldn’t find any reference at all. So it must be some kind of OEM solution. After receiving my Mac Pro with the FirePro D700, it was time to investigate.

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Afraid of the NSA breaching your privacy? It gets worse.

Edward Snowden’s reveal of NSA’s covert online operations changed the way we think about our privacy. They basically have the ability (and the right) to obtain information about people by any means necessary. Searching through people’s data without a warrant is unconstitutional, yet their excuse is protecting homeland security.  A recent discovery published by The Guardian has even revealed something shocking, the NSA can decrypt almost any ecryption algorithm on the Internet using super computers. But should we be concerned about this? The answer is both yes and no. Our privacy and rights are at stake, but there’s even something more worrying.

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The Windows 8 failure

Before reading any further, please let me clarify that this is not just another rant with the the never-ending “Windows sucks, it’s a big fail” nonsense written by people who haven’t even used a product but complain about it anyhow. I have actually used Windows 8 for a short period, and I will explain how my (horrible) experience with Windows 8 went. It’s not my intension to start flaming the Microsoft product line again. I once hoped I could write a positive article about a Microsoft product, but so far haven’t been able to find a good product.

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Windows 8: defective by design?

Microsoft has been known as a company that changes its direction, and more importantly changes the user interfaces and names of their products continuously. Their search website Bing just doesn’t gain much attention, Windows Vista was one of their biggest failures (aside from Microsoft Bob) and now they try to change the way people interact with computers via the new Metro interface. What’s the problem? I’ll explain my view about it.

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Why Mac OS X Lion 10.7.0 can improve or break your system

Since last wednesday when Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” was released, I’ve downloaded and installed it immediately. Downloading it from the Mac App Store went surprisingly fast, got it in 15 minutes thanks to my 120 Mbps connection 🙂
Didn’t hesitate to install it, because I’ve been testing my applications in the latest Beta versions to make sure they where all compatible (and they where).
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Why I don’t use the Mac App Store

Since the announcement of Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” last year, Apple has taken a new direction in the development of Mac OS X. They want to combine the user experience of their mobile products running iOS (iPhone and iPad) with their desktop systems. Although Lion is scheduled to be released this summer, they have already released a service called the Mac App Store. Just like their App Store on iOS, this works similarly.

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