Configuring NOD32 Business Edition on Linux and OS X by command line

The Linux and OS X versions of ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus (Business Edition) require an X-server to present in order to install. Since this isn’t an issue on OS X, it might on Linux since this isn’t installed on most servers. Although you can use the ESET Remote Administration Console to generate a custom installer to circumvent this, sometimes you might need to make a manual change in the configuration. I will show you how to do this using the command line (very useful for remote access).

The configuration tool for NOD32 is as follows: /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_set

This tool can change the configuration, but also export and import it. You can show the man page using ./esets_set –help

The best way to figure out the syntax, you have to export the configuration. We can do that using ./esets_set –backup=backup.txt

The configuration consists of different sections:

[section name]

You can change the configuration using this format:
./esets_set –section ‘section name‘ ‘option=value

For example, to configure the Remote administration Server use these commands:
./esets_set –section global ‘racl_server_addr=”″
./esets_set –section global ‘racl_server_port=2222’
./esets_set –section global ‘racl_password=”password”‘
./esets_set –section global ‘racl_secure_enabled=no’

Alternatively you can change the contents of the backup file, and then import it using
./esets_set –apply=backup.txt

Don’t forget to restart the application:
/opt/eset/esets/etc/init.d/esets restart

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