Installing GNOME on new Ubuntu releases

New releases of Ubuntu are using a new desktop environment, which is something not every user is accepting. Although it’s very useful for non-experienced computer users, it will be annoying to others. Getting the old GNOME back is rather simple.

  1. Open the Terminal (click on the Dash icon, the upper icon in the list on the left) and start entering the word ‘terminal’ until it appears.
  2. Install GNOME by entering: sudo apt-get install gnome
  3. A new screen should appear after downloading the files, asking about the default window manager. You should choose ‘GDM’ here.
  4. After the installation is complete, reboot the system.
  5. When the login window appears, change the window manager from ‘Ubuntu’ to ‘GNOME Classic’ in the drop-down window.
  6. After logging in, open a terminal window and enterĀ sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-desktop.

The classic GNOME desktop is now the default, and the new Ubuntu desktop has been removed.

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