My current and past Projects

Precompiled binaries

Precompiled binaries for popular applications



A small, yet very powerful MySQL Database Dump Tool. Currently in Beta

Current version: 0.4

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Text Converter

Converts text to and from Base64, Binary, Hexadecimal and to various hashes

Current version: 0.1

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A lightweight JavaScript snippet to turn each HTML element into a draggable item.
Powered by jQuery.

Current version: 1.0

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SPF Record Generator

An easy to use tool to generate an SPF (Sender Policy Frameword) record for your DNS Zones.

Current version: 0.1 Beta

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RAMDisk Builder for Mac OS X

A tool to create a temporary RAMdisk for Mac OS X 10.6 and higher.

Current version: 0.1 Beta

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AES256 Encrypter/Decrypter for Mac OS X and Linux

A small application to encypt files using AES256 and decrypt them afterwards.

Current version: 0.1 Beta

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