SPF Record Generator

Please enter e-mail sources which are allowed to send e-mail on your domain's behalf.
To use your DNS zone as the domain name, just enter an '@' symbol.

DomainThe domain to which this policy belongs.

You can give multiple values by separating them with a comma (,).
If the senders' IP address can be resolved by any of this domains' A records or MX records,
please tick the 'any' checkbox for that record type.

Policy Item Value(s) Any Description
A records The IP addresses which are pointed to by this/these A record(s).
MX records The domains that contain these MX records.
IPv4 Addresses Allow from these IPv4 addresses
IPv6 Addresses Allow from these IPv6 addresses
Other domains Specify domains whose SPF records you would like to include
Other sources What to do when an e-mail from your domain comes from a different source.